Doctor BladeS for
Flexo, Roto & Coatings

[Why Bonus® ?]

Looking for the perfect doctor blades for Roto, Flexo Coatings.
Bonus® offers a full line of doctor blades perfectly suited to help for any
of these applications, which help you achieve the perfect print results.


  • Smart solutions to improve customer bottom line
  • Wide product range to cater to demanding print process requirements
  • Every millimetre of our Doctor Blades is inspected, ensuring a defect free product every time
  • Longer life as compared to conventional blades
  • Contact area remains constant throughout the entire life of the doctor blade
  • No change in tonal values through blade wear
  • Low pressure doctoring reduces Anilox / Cylinder wear and extends life
  • Minimal pressure reduces chrome destruction and extends cylinder life
  • Less wastage and rejections
  • No running-in time required
  • Less downtime caused through replacement of doctor blades
  • Constant conditions for proofing, tonal variations and easy colour matching
  • These blades come in an easy-to-use dispenser box, made of corrugated cardboard,
    for ecological recycling or disposal. It makes unreeling very easy, and is perfect for
    transportation and storage